Innocent People Charged All Too Often

You Shouldn't Have To Be A Felon
You Shouldn't Have To Go To Jail

Arrested?   Your Criminal lawyer's reputation could hurt or help you.

The Police Can and Do Make Mistakes

The Wrongly Accused

  • Often stems from poor police investigation & reporting
  • Can become a felon for life
  • Often go to jail even when they are innocent

Unfortunately, prosecutors often make mistakes and will charge the innocent. This problem usually stems from a police report that is inadequate, sloppy, or simply erroneous. Police officers are overworked and have very little time to thoroughly investigate crimes or prepare police reports in a manner that is very accurate. This can lead to prosecutors making fundamental mistakes and charging the innocent with crimes they did not commit or overcharging someone with a serious offense.

After I expose the truth to the prosecutor handling my clients’ cases, charges are often dropped. In some cases, they are not dropped and I decide to go to trial and explain to a jury the reasons for an acquittal. It happens more often than most people would think, and sometimes it stems from a police officer or prosecutor having a bad day or just not liking my client. It is very wrong and I have little tolerance when this occurs. That could happen to me or my family member, so I understand very clearly that it is a serious problem that must be handled very firmly.