Probation Violation

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Probation Violation Lawyer in Ann Arbor, MI

Probation Violation

  • Can occur from a failed mandatory drug test
  • Charges could quickly catapult you to jail
  • Matters are best handled by an attorney

A probation violation due to substance abuse can be a very troubling matter. If someone is physically addicted to a drug or alcohol, it often takes many attempts to get clean and sober. This type of violator is far better off getting professional help for the addiction than being locked up in jail. I will accept almost any client, regardless of age, if the probation violation stems from physically addictive drug use or alcohol dependence.

I often explain this matter to a judge or prosecutor to give my client yet another chance, as long as no violent activity was involved. Addiction is a physiological problem. Addicts need treatment, not jail time.