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Arrested?   Your Criminal lawyer's reputation could hurt or help you.

Street Drug and Prescription Drug Charges

If you got caught up in street drugs as a way to get through stress in life or difficult family issues, it happens, and I can help make sure you do not go to jail or get a felony record.

Who I Represent

I choose to represent a certain type of client. My clients have a low recidivism rate and they are hard-working people that made a mistake or are innocent. When I go to court, the judges and prosecutors are familiar with the type of client I represent. My clients fall into two categories: (a) remorseful and looking to make a change, or (b) falsely accused. Representing clients in these two categories allows me to negotiate diversion programs or significantly reduce or eliminate charges.

When I choose to go to trial, the prosecutors expect that I have a quality client and a rock solid case. Some lawyers get a reputation for representing repeat offenders with no remorse — I will NEVER be one of these lawyers. Prosecutors want to protect their conviction rates — they do not want to take a weak case to trial. Prosecutors don’t want to show the jury and judge a weak case; it is embarrassing and undermines their credibility!

Lawyers that accept low fees will take the first deal the prosecutor offers. They simply want to close the file and move on to the next case. The prosecutor knows that such a lawyer is unable or unwilling to devote much time to the case. They take advantage of that weakness and the client ultimately pays the price.

Being arrested on a drug charge doesn’t have to ruin your life. I will guide you through the process and develop a strategy based on your priorities. All of my clients want to protect their futures and put their mistakes behind them. I always make that my top priority.

Who I Will Not Represent

If your job is selling drugs, I will NOT represent you. If you are a habitual offender, I will NOT represent you. My reputation is my most important asset and I will not put it at risk. In the Washtenaw County courts, I am known for representing the falsely accused and repentant defendants.

Today in America we are seeing a major increase in opiate and heroin caused deaths. It is no longer a simple matter when dealing with hardened street dealers. Today it is a matter of life or death and the street dealers are making the matter far worse by distributing chemicals that are knowingly killing our youth at epic levels. I will not contribute to this terrible problem.

Prescription Drug Charges

If you or your child has been charged for having a prescription medication without a prescription, I will help you.

This is perhaps the most ridiculous arena in our courts today. Most of the problem stems from Doctors that hand out pills excessively. To make matters worse, we often see minors being charged as adults for possessing medications that came right from their own home. Children will experiment and they often get caught with prescription drugs that are not their own.

Parents should punish a child's bad behavior, not the courts. In no way should a 14-year-old end up with a felony record for taking his brother’s or sister’s Adderall for experimentation. It's absolutely silly and constitutes government overreaching. In these situations, the prosecutor will often quit and give me what I want when I present the reality of my client’s situation.

Prosecutors are usually looking for those people that can’t afford a viable legal defense. They can easily bully a quick and terrible plea deal for that defendant. Not on my watch! These types of cases can end very favorably when put in front of a jury that can see the simple and realistic nature of the situation. Plus, by vigorously pursuing that goal, the prosecutor often gives up and yields to a strong defense strategy without a trial.

If you are addicted to pills and willing to seek treatment, I can help you. Before I will take the case, I need to know you are willing to seek treatment. You must help yourself before I can effectively help you.