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Fifelski Legal, PLC

2723 South State St. Suite 150
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

10 reviews

The following reviews are as they came in directly to Google as of September 1, 2018. There is no way I can manipulate them or create them because they are the property of Google. I have not posted a bunch of reviews from a site that sells services to lawyers, as I find those reviews to have a very high conflict of interest and possibly a distorted origin. To see these reviews live on Google places simply click this link: reviews

James delivered. He looks gentle, but this guy is a bulldog when pushed.
He has a good wrap around the county courthouse employees - they all seem to love him. In court the judges, bailiffs, and even clerks, all went out of their way …More

Jonathan Martin
Mr. Fifelski is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He was able to navigate me through the process of restoring my license after 7 years of not having it. He helped me change my life. I also had him represent me More

al scott
Punctual, loyal and a winner. James will fight tooth and nail for you. It is amazing to watch what he can do in the courtroom. From both sides of the bench, he is probably the most well respected defense attorney in Ann Arbor.

T Henry
He is the best one! Very professional, diligent, and capable. He fights for me aggressively! …More

Taylor Legal
As a colleague of James Fifelski, I can say that he is an experienced, knowledgeable, and determined attorney who will aggressively fight for his clients, and will do all that he can to get the best results for them. I have referred …More

Lorie B
James came through. He won't promise you anything, he just delivers.

James knows how the legal system works. He doesn't make promises that he can't deliver on. An honest man in a dishonest business.

Fly right you know when you did something bad. And E.R. will help you

Thanks James,

He's come through in every way possible to …More

The man is magic.