Physical Assault & Battery Charges

James Fifelski - Ann Arbor, MI
Washtenaw County Courts

Arrested?   Your Criminal lawyer's reputation could hurt or help you.

Physical Assault Charges Washtenaw County, MI

The Prosecution May

  • Overcharge the defendant before knowing the facts
  • Mistakenly charge the wrong partner or person
  • Be less likely to file charges against a high-asset client

If you are a well-behaved citizen that got caught up in an escalating argument that went wrong, then I can help you from going to jail and getting a felony charge or criminal record. If you have physically assaulted someone and have done so many times before, I will not be your lawyer.

Those people that have made a mistake or were in a situation that presented no other options, I will help. Ann Arbor is a very liberal city and the police are often quick to file assault and battery charges. In many cases, people are provoked or forced into altercations which require self-defense. Such people don’t deserve jail time or a criminal record to haunt them the rest of their lives. It is my job to insure that none of these bad things happen to good, honest, high-asset people.

It concerns me when an individual going to jail had no alcohol in their system and the person claiming to be the victim was intoxicated. I take these cases very personally because so many innocent people are erroneously charged with a crime in domestic disputes. The charge of Domestic Violence is far too frequently charged in Washtenaw County. It is unacceptable that prosecutors choose to prosecute cases based on little to no evidence of a crime. In many of these situations, If I do not get the charges dropped or obtain a favorable outcome from the prosecution, we will head into the courtroom and work hard to convince a jury to acquit my client of all charges.