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Arrested?   Your Criminal lawyer's reputation could hurt or help you.

Expungement Washtenaw County MI

With Expungement the legal record of an arrest or conviction is erased in the legal community. Its like the crime never happened.

The process for getting an arrest or conviction expunged can vary in many ways depending on what the crime was and where it may have occurred. In Washtenaw County, MI expungement can occur with several types of crimes, but not all crimes.

After expungement almost all private outside agencies will no longer have access to the criminal event. When filling out an application and such you will no longer be required to disclose the event or that you were a felon, essentially leaving you crime-free for life.

Not every crime can be expunged, there are guidelines. Expungement laws vary by jurisdiction and may have different requirements.

Expungement must be won in a court of law and by the ruling of a judge, it is not a guarantee simply by application.

A good lawyer will need time to prepare, study and understand that pass conviction before presenting it to a judge.

An unprepared Lawyer presenting an expungement in front of a judge has a great chance of losing that case.

I take on fewer clients and charge higher fees but I deliver far better results. Contact me at your leisure to discuss your particular situation and in a few minutes you will know if you are a candidate for expungement.

Hideous crimes can not be expunted (Rape, Molestation, Murder, etc...)