Marijuana DUI Criminal Lawyer

James Fifelski - Ann Arbor, MI
Washtenaw County Courts

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Marijuana DUI Lawyer in Ann Arbor, MI

I have spent the last 10 years of my career fighting for Medical Marijuana. Just when things got better, prosecutors are still trying to lock up innocent people for driving after using marijuana even when they are not under the influence. First of all, you never hear of a person stoned getting involved in a fatality — that is for the alcohol users and rightly so.

In most cases. people who are high get pulled over for driving too slowly. The notion that a high person is a threat while driving is almost absurd. I can't think of a safer driver than a person using marijuana. I see them putzing around Ann Arbor all the time. A person who is high on marijuana rarely speeds out of control and causes an accident. Most the time they can't get off the couch to drive anywhere.

These laws are BS and I will fight to get every single person charged with Marijuana DUI off the hook.