Medical Marijuana Lawyer

MMMP Lawyer James Fifelski
Medical Marijuana Counsel

Arrested?   Your Criminal lawyer's reputation could hurt or help you.

Michigan Medical Marijuana Attorney

MI Medical Marijuana Laws

  • Are very vague and easily twisted by prosecutors
  • Can be easily challenged if you know the laws
  • Are constantly changed by state law makers

In 2009, I began helping clients with issues regarding legal Medical Marijuana. Without ever intending to do so, I became entrenched in the business. I began to be known by many other lawyers as the Medical Marijuana Lawyer.

To be clear, this is not a regular lawyer that helps those who are caught with marijuana. I do occasional handle those simple matters. However, MMMP law is an entirely different challenge. For many years, I dedicated most of my time and resources to studying MMMP law and handling very complex medical marijuana cases. I knew far more about the matter than most other lawyers and law makers in Michigan.

My fee for medical marijuana work is $450 per hour and I can say with great confidence that those clients who paid me $450 per hour kept coming back for more legal work and often referred my services to others. At one point, employees of the state agency in charge of the medical marijuana program were seeking my legal expertise because they were confused about the new medical marijuana laws.