Clean Living Honest People Make Mistakes

You Shouldn't Have To Be A Felon
You Shouldn't Have To Go To Jail

Arrested?   Your Criminal lawyer's reputation could hurt or help you.

Guilty Can Come in Many Forms

The Accused Have Options

  • Go to trial and fight it out in front of a jury
  • Be remorseful and go for the slap on the wrist
  • Allow the prosecutor to ruin your life forever

Honest people make mistakes. I clean up that mess if you are remorseful and can learn from your mistakes. If you have no prior felonies and are established within the Washtenaw County community, I can often make the event go away quietly as long as you understand you made a mistake and are willing to show remorse.

If you have had other problems with the law far back in your past, that is often okay, especially if it was in your youth. I make my living by representing those people that will most likely not offend again and have simply made an error in judgement. I maintain this type of client base so that prosecutors do not see me as “just another lawyer” with a caseload of habitual criminals. This approach makes a world of difference for my clients.

It’s important to note that I only take on clients who can afford to go to trial at any time. I specialize in representing established community members who made a onetime mistake. By representing established people in the community, I also send a signal to prosecutors that I never bluff when it comes to winning at jury trials.

My clients are not child molestors. I do not represent any individual involved in a sex/rape case of a child. Such individuals are free to find a different attorney.