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18+ Years Devoted to Excellence in Criminal
Defense throughout Michigan Courts

Arrested?   Your Criminal lawyer's reputation could hurt or help you.

The overwhelming part of my game plan is the fact that my clients can afford to go to trial or I would not take their case. So, if I don't initially get what I want in court, I fight with strong resources to tie up, out maneuver, and overwhelm any prosecutor. In order to give me the most resources to make the largest impact for my clients, I ask my clients to invest double in what they would pay another Ann Arbor criminal lawyer. If you are looking to get the best possible outcome from a one-time mistake that could ruin your career, give me a call. I defend clients that are ready to move on and never commit a crime again and who are willing to put in the time, effort, and resources into proving they learned a valuable lesson.

The Guilty

Honest people make mistakes. I clean up that mess if you are remorseful, established, and can learn from your mistake.

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The Innocent

They are accused too often. If you are wrongly charged or bullied by the prosecutor then we will go to trial to win

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The Results

Growing weed inside of a Meijer's Supermarket in Ypsilanti. No jail time and all the cash in his pocket was returned

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“Punctual, loyal and a winner. James will fight tooth and nail for you. It is amazing to watch what he can do in the courtroom. From both sides of the bench, he is probably the most well respected criminal defense attorney in Ann Arbor.”

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Win Without Fighting

Judges and prosecutors eventually get to know the lawyers in the local community and they also get to know the types of clients that they represent. If I were to continually bring in bad people, without guilt or remorse, the judges and prosecutors would notice this, and be very hesitant to work with me to obtain the outcome my clients would want. It is sad but true - your freedom is often tied directly to the stature of the lawyer you hire.

James started Fifelski Legal to allow him to pick and choose his cases and clients. James's goal is to take a certain type of client, he does not want to represent career criminals. Fifelski Legal is a firm that wants to represent good people that have made mistakes and are remorseful or that have been wrongly accused. Continue to full bio...